Small Parcel Delivery
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Cannon Express currently provides small parcel delivery up to a 70 mile radius of Atlanta, Georgia. We can handle
packages up to 50 Lbs. This includes commercial & residential deliveries. Contact our office for our delivery area by ZIP.
Proudly Serving Atlanta & Surrounding Areas...

What We Offer
Door-to-door delivery of your envelope or parcel
Reliable and dependable service.
Knowledgeable and experienced personnel
Professional Service
Unequaled on-time deliveries
Same day or next day delivery

Time Sensitive Delivery Do you need to get that package delivered NOW!!! Call Cannon!

Multi Stop Delivery Does your shipment concern multiple stops? Call Cannon!!

Same Day or Next Day Delivery Does your delivery have to be there today or tomorrow? The solution to your problems
is a phone call away with Cannon Express!!
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