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Parts Delivery Service
Cannon Express provides next day unattended parts delivery services for some of the nation's leading manufacturers of
automotive & heavy equipment parts throughout the Southeast. We perform over 800 unattended deliveries each night
and our on-time performance and service record are impeccable. We have 12 cross-docks operations located throughout
the Southeast to better serve our customers.

This service is not limlited to just the automotive & heavy equipment industry. There are a number of Industries can
benefit from this service: 3PLs, distribution centers, automotive, air cargo, aviation, e-commerce, retail,medical, grocery,
heavy equipment, printing, construction, & small parcels.

Unattended After Hours Parts Delivery
GA, FL, with Expanded Services to AL, TN, SC, NC
Drop Box & Inside Delivery
Delivered By 8AM
Local & Regional Pool Distribution
Designed to Support Auto & Heavy EQ Parts Industry
Cargo Vans, Straight Trucks, & Tractor/Trailer

Parts Are Deliverd By 8A.M.
Contact Us Today And Get The Service That The Industries Leaders Rely On.